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Wildly Popular, one-of-a-kind Shirts

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010 11:19:06 AM America/Los_Angeles

I am working on some interesting things right now.  I did an airbrush demonstration that was a collaboration between me and some high school students.  They cut stencils and I painted them in.  I am thinking of maybe doing something like this for kids parties/bar mitzvahs and special events.  It was fun and they were pretty into it.  


Some friends and I are planning on putting together a book.  It's just in planning stages.  It will contain images that we have made, and some stories and things.  Look for it on the NYT bestsellers list in 2011.  


I have decided to only leave current available shirts up on the site.  If you would like to see all the old sold ones, you can see them here at my facebook fan page. 

Diverted Minds Facebook Page


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Attention Food Party People

Tuesday, May 18, 2010 11:26:18 AM America/Los_Angeles

HI Everyone,


As you have heard, this is your chance to get one of my shirts.  They are all paid for and are free to the Food Party crew.  Please ignore the prices, pick one out, and send me and email.  It will be first come first served.  As each shirt is claimed, it will say out of stock instead of add to cart, so make sure to check the status before you email me.  If you have questions about sizing, availability, or anything else please email me at aprestn@gmail.com.


Otherwise, the hoodies that I have displayed are also up for grabs.  I am in NYC until the 28th or so and have all the shirts I have finished with me, so if you like I can get your shirt to you immediately.  In terms of finding out when I have posted new shirts, you can follow my twitter twitter.com/divertedminds.  I will make a new twitter post every time I put up a new shirt.  You can also follow the twitter by looking at the bottom right hand corner of the webpage.  Enjoy and congratulations on finishing your second season. 


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